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At Lion Fruit Farm, sustainability and environmental stewardship are at the core of our operation.

By adopting regenerative organic practices, the farm aims to restore and enhance the health of the soil, water, and ecosystems.

This approach focuses on building soil fertility, promoting biodiversity, and minimizing the use of synthetic inputs, thus ensuring the long-term viability of the farm, and preserving the natural resources for future generations.


One of the key components of Lion Fruit Farm’s operations is the cultivation of Subtropical fruit trees. These trees thrive in the farm’s favorable climate, producing a variety of fruits with unique flavors and nutritional profiles.

We carefully select and cultivate fruit tree varieties that are well-suited to our Subtropical climate, ensuring optimal growth and fruit production. We have added bananas, sugar apple, soursop and continue to graft new varieties of avocados that are better suited for organic cultivation.

In addition to fruit trees, Lion Fruit Farm also specializes in the cultivation of turmeric, a highly sought-after spice known for its medicinal properties.

The farm employs organic farming techniques to grow turmeric, ensuring the highest quality and purity of the spice.

Aquaponics Nile Perch is another innovative aspect of Lion Fruit Farm’s operations. By combining aquaculture and hydroponics, the farm creates a symbiotic system where the waste produced by Nile Perch fish is used as a nutrient-rich fertilizer for growing plants.

This closed-loop system minimizes waste and maximizes resource efficiency, while also providing a sustainable source of high-quality fish.


We also breed New Zealand Rabbits, which contribute to soil fertility through their droppings. These rabbits are raised in a humane and organic manner, ensuring the highest quality poop and nitrogen rich urine. Rabbit poop is considered a cold manure that is fed directly to our worms.

Vermicompost is an integral part of Lion Fruit Farm’s organic farming practices. Through the use of earthworms, organic waste materials are transformed into nutrient-rich compost, which is then used to nourish the soil and enhance plant growth. This closed-loop system reduces the need for synthetic fertilizers and promotes a healthy and sustainable farming ecosystem.

OMRI Listed Certification

Edgar’s the Earthworm Organic Worm Castings may be used in certified organic production or food processing and handling according to the USDA National Organic Program regulations, as certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute


In addition to the rabbits, our pole barn also hosts our commercial scale modular Continuous Flow System and worm tea brewer. The CFT incorporates a mechanized cutting blade that allows us to feed the top and harvest from the bottom. Since worms eat up, we do not disturb the worms while harvesting their castings.

The castings are than placed in large compost tea bags that are steeped or brewed for 24 hours. During this steeping process, the microorganisms present in the vermicompost multiply and release beneficial byproducts creating a potent liquid fertilizer.

The liquid is than pumped into our irrigation system which fertigates the entire farm through our microjet irrigation network.

See For Yourself

Visit us in Redland

Tucked away in a very low key location in the vast Redland countryside, our ten acre farm is a complete ecosystem unto itself, creating our own vibrant nutrition for the fruit trees, delivering it to them in the most efficient manner and reaping the fabulous results of our holistic efforts.

The Wormworks

Using the most effective natural methods, we create an environment for earthworms to thrive.


Worm Castings Tea

Our unique process for creating worm castings tea creates a potent, enriched brew with essential nutrients.


Rich Nutrients

Plants are fed with irrigation tubing, the most efficient and effective method for delivering nutrition.

fruits and vegetables
golden mushrooms
Aquaponics Nile Perch

Aquaponics Nile Perch

Sustainability and Locally Grown

Our mission, our purpose and our direction always leads to sustainable practices, embracing the inherent intelligence of nature’s bounty.


Our holistic perspective drives our goal of being self-sufficient and sustainable.

Locally Grown

Our dedication to the local agricultural community means growing with integrity, working with the very best local purveyors and suppliers, distributors and retailers.

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